Privacy Policy

Your privacy is more than just a word to us at 1xBet—it’s a commitment. Our privacy policy aims to make everything clear and secure for you. We’re completely in line with regulations set by the Malta Gaming Commission, ensuring the highest standards in online betting. So let’s break down what that means for you.

Your Safety is Our Priority

When you join our global community, know that we’ve got your back. Your payments and personal details are locked away in a digital vault, making 1xBet a safe bet for your online adventures.

What Do We Collect and Why?

We’re not into hoarding unnecessary data. We only gather the essentials to make your betting experience smooth and efficient. This includes your name, where you live, your birthday, and your financial doings like credit card transactions and transfers.

How We Keep Your Data Safe

Imagine your data in a secure vault, separate from the prying eyes of the internet. We use powerful encryption to make sure it stays that way. Only you can unlock this vault with a unique password. Plus, we use an SSL protocol that scrambles the data when it travels between your device and our servers.

Fail-Safe Measures

Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are good. That’s why we have backup servers on standby to pick up the slack if something goes wrong. For an added layer of safety:

1) We back up your data every day.
2) Our data recovery systems are ready to handle any type of hiccup.

Your Control Over Personal Information

You’re the boss of your own data. To make any changes, head to “My Account” and then “Settings” after logging into our website. Need more help? Our customer service is just an email away.

Usage of Your Data

We gather your information for solid reasons: to manage your account, meet legal requirements, keep our services top-notch, and to keep you in the loop about things you might find interesting.

Legal Standing

We’re playing by the book here. All the information we collect is stored securely, and we have the legal right to manage this data for both operational and security reasons.

Access to Your Data

Feel free to review or update your information at any time. Just log in, head to “Settings” under “My Account,” and make the necessary changes. If something doesn’t seem right, you can correct or delete the data as you see fit.

Trust and transparency aren’t just buzzwords for us; they are the pillars of our privacy policy. We go the extra mile to make sure you can place your bets without a worry in the world.